Fibromyalgia handbook.

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In Fibromyalgia Handbook you can find the key about all of your doubts.
What is the true about this illness and how you can feel well with healthy food.
Some advice, recipes, beneficial foods and a real personal history that can make you feel motivated to change your lifestyle.

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In some autoimmune diseases, like fibromyalgia, the problem of poor metabolism of the liver is originated
in the intestinal walls, these are permeable to allow the pass of nutrients to the blood; the intestinal barrier is
not perfect and it leaves it easy for some “intruders” to get in, which doesn’t suppose a problem for most
Real problems start when the intestinal walls get swollen and become hyperpermeable. That is to say,
people who due to genetic reasons have their intestinal walls thinner than normal or due to other causes that
we will talk about later on, they get the intestinal walls swollen during the assimilation process; and besides
nutrients, other waste substances and toxic food get through their intestinal walls.
These arrive to the liver and kidneys for their disposal, being overwhelmed by them. The immune system gets then into action, and it considers them enemies declaring them a war.


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